Automatic Visitor Entry Screening & Management

Painless visitor entry screening & temp checks with Zipline Thermal Pro. Automatically record all visitor info and improve visitor experience with online bookings, self check-ins, & post-visit sentiment analysis. Adapt automatically to the latest COVID regulations/parameters, such as restricted timings & people.


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Case Study

St Vincent's Care Services

Featured by LASA : Read how Zipline helped St Vincent’s Care Services conduct effective visitor management during the COVID pandemic to protect their residents, visitors, and employees.
297 SVCS Full Res - 300 DPI-617A0005

Zipline Thermal Pro

Visitor Sign-in System

Automated, simple onsite visitor entry & temp checks

Make your visitor entry seamless & stress-free

Automatic visitor self-check-in. Cover all COVID screening questions. Scan and record visitor temperatures effortlessly and touch-free.
Optional Add-On:
ZipCare - Premium Protection Plan for your Zipline Thermal Pro Unit
RAC Visitor Flu Vac Auto Record & Storage

Reduce manual work & staff reliance

Stress-free 100% Compliance

Automate online visitor pre-booking and management with adjustable parameters. Dynamically adjust how many visitors per site or per hour based on your changing restrictions, including if you go into lockdown.

Minimise your risk of overcrowding

Easily ensure safe-distancing and compliance

Automatic SMS confirmations and reminders sent pre-visit, and end of the visit. Affirm bookings, remind visitors of appointments, and to bring proof of Flu Vaccination. Smart SMS notifications prompt visitors to leave on time without additional staff reminders.
Pre-Visit & Post-Visit Auto SMS Confirmation & Reminders

Readily access visitor info whenever you need to

Easily report back to the Safety Commission or Department of Health

Capture and maintain digital records of visitors, their flu vaccination statuses and temperature checks, all in one centralised place: Zipline™.
Zipline Aged Care Visitor Management Reporting

Fuss-free launch in just 6 weeks

Stress-free Integration, with no project plan required from you

An open, modern platform built to be super simple to use for busy people that is compatible with all your residential management systems.

Get an objective overview of what’s actually happening in real-time, in your facility

Detect and resolve visitor issues immediately

An SMS is sent post-visit to understand what and how they feel. Zipline™’s intuitive dashboard & alerts allow you to monitor your NPS and customer experience trends so that you can respond to visitor sentiment easily.
Aged Care Post-Visit Visitor Feedback SMS
An SMS is sent after their visit to understand what they think and capture in-moment sentiment
Zipline Aged Care Post-Visit Visitor Sentiment Analysis
Real-time dashboard & alerts make it easy to track and respond to family sentiment
Effortless Visitor Management for Australian Residential Aged Care with Zipline

Enjoy the most updated visitor management system, with no effort required from you

We understand your changing environment and are rapidly iterating our product in line with any changes to State & Federal restrictions. Zipline will also automatically adapt to any revisions in your visitor policies.